Sending and receiving faxes with my IPhone

iOS and iPadOS
Hello, While I was browsing through the app store last night and I heard that it was possible to send and receive faxes through the IPhone, I began to think that this would be exactly what I'd need. Lately, I've been running into situations where paperwork needed to be faxed. For example, I needed my medical records, I needed to fax some stuff to a school, and I need to fax in an application once I'm done with it. Most of these documents are on my computer, but I don't own a fax machine. I've been bugging other people to fax the paperwork for me, but it would be extremely convenient to have a fax number of my own and a way to send and receive faxes. I came across an app called IFax, and it sounded pretty neat. We would get our own free fax number and you could fax up to 5 pages for a dollar. It sounded pretty reasonable, but it was inaccessible. This didn't stop me, though. I went searching for something that I could use, and came up empty handed. Either most of the apps I came across were inaccessible, or you had to pay for these monthly plans as you went. I need something that's going to be easy to use, reasonable in pricing, and not a monthly plan. I wouldn't be faxing all the time, so I'd rather pay as I go. Can anyone recommend an app for faxing? Now that I know how it works, I really think it's a neat idea. For those who don't know, basically, you pick a document to fax,type in the fax number and it sends to them. The fax machines you send to will usually have paper loaded into them, so they'll get it as a paper document. People can send you faxes and it might go to your email or to the app you're using. I'd prefer an app that supports dropbox. This would be great for retrieving documents from my computer. I could upload them to dropbox, get them from my phone, and then fax them out. If you have any recommendations, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm starting to see the importance of a fax machine, and with myself getting into college and the possibility of having a job that might require me to fax in progress reports, I'd really like to have this available to me. All comments and suggestions are welcome. I thank you in advance for your help. Take care and God bless, Melissa Roe