Selecting Audio in Ferrite Recording Studio

iOS and iPadOS


First off, I’d like to thank all who help me in advance. I’ve been trying to figure this out by reading app comments, the user guide and blog posts, and even went to youtube videos that didn’t give me what I was looking for. I recently purchased Ferrite’s upgrade, and I have a bluetooth keyboard for use. It’s a simple loge tech keyboard that has the capability to connect to 3 devices, so I have my iPad and iPhone 8 that I have the app on, and can use the same keyboard for both devices. Anyway, I am wondering how to select parts of an audio file to either be deleted, or have affects applied too? Maybe my crazy brain is starting to dissolve after being married in too much university work that maybe the instructions aren’t just quite clear to me, haha. Anyway, I’d love to be able to do more with ferrite, but getting behind this concept seems to be the biggest road block at this time. Is it possible to select audio with start/end markers like some desktop editors allow you to do? Does it have to be a finger gesture, or can you do it with the bt keyboard. I’ve been able to understand a few shortcuts, but starting and ending a selection for editing still alludes me. Thanks again for all who help, and have a great day.