Seeking tips for taking and editing selfies

iOS & iPadOS


The current craze for people of my generation at the moment is taking selfies. I've been using SelfieX, which is an app that allows you to use the back camera to take a selfie, with spoken instructions from the phone. I was wondering if anyone had any other ways of taking selfies, or any tips to do with editing them, or taking them in the first place. Just curious to see what I can experiment with...



Submitted by Luke on Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hey, this is one area of technology perhaps we can just leave to our sighted friends. Haha. It is one of the silliest and most narcissistic trends ever! Ok ok... I'm not here to judge. :) I have found that the Apple camera app does a good job of helping me line up a shot. It says things like, "small head, centered, near top edge." If the built-in app nor the other app you mentioned aren't working for you, what specific issues are you still having?