Seeking some guidance on how to teach somebody to use the OverDrive iOS app

iOS and iPadOS

I wonder if anyone can help me?

I am working with a young lady with a visual impairment who is using an iPad to access books from libraries using Overdrive. In order to allow her to be as independent as possible could you tell me what some of the most important gestures are in order to navigate the app or are there a set of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to access it via a bluetooth keyboard.




Submitted by steven carey on Friday, August 5, 2016

Hi James
From the language you use, I wonder if you are in the UK? If so, the RNIB might be able to help. The RNIB have a digital book library that uses the Overdrive IOS app to control the loan and operation of its content of audio books. They have a crib sheet that shows blind and partially sighted people how to use the app and an e-mail or call to their support line will provide human assistance.
I must say that the app is a little difficult to get used to as it is not that intuitive and libraries other than the RNIB's (such as County Council libraries) are not that accessible as they use a different version of the Overdrive software that rquires a lot of manipulation.
If you have any other problems or require more assistance come back to me on this forum and I'll think again.