Seeking several app recommendations

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I'm seeking several app recommendations. First, what twitter apps would you all recommend? I'm using an iPhone 6 running iOs 9.3, there are so many twitter apps in the app directory, it's kind of hard to choose. Which one is the most functional? I often use a bluetooth keyboard, so bluetooth keyboard shortcuts would be nice, but obviously not a necessity. Second, I'm looking for an alternative to the native facebook app on the iPhone, I don't like the fact that I have to go into settings in the app every time just to sort my newsfeed by time. So what facebook app would you all recommend as an alternative to facebook's native app? Third and finally, I'm in search of a writing app with keyboard shortcuts and also the ability to share what I've written with dropbox.

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Submitted by Tangela on Thursday, March 24, 2016

I use tweetings as a twitter client. It has proven to be the most reliable and has the fewest focus issues. It also has integrated actions from the router, so if you want to reply or retweet, you simply have to flick up and double tap on the option you want.

Unfortunately, I don't use facebook often and haven't tried anything other than the native app, so can't comment with any useful information there. But for writing apps, you have several options. Both the Apple iWork and microsoft office apps (pages, numbers and keynote, and microsoft word, Powerpoint and excel respectively) support dropbox and are free. Voice dream writer is a paid app (10 dollars) that supports dropbox, has an accessible spellchecker, dictionary, and outline feature built in. It also supports markdown and allows for text to speech reading as you type (though not if you use the braille keyboard) to read each sentence aloud with high quality Acapela, Ivona or neospeech voices. It also has very good voiceOver support.

Thanks for the app suggestions, I have a question about tweetings. How can I. Get it to show just the username or just the screen name? By default, it shows both, for example: it reads something like this, "Weather Channel @weatherchannel", then it reads the time of the tweet, then the actual tweet. I'd just like it to read either the screen name or the user name, having it read both seems a bit redundant and verbose to me. I didn't see anything in settings to change this, am I overlooking something? Other than that, I really like the tweetings app in the few minutes I've been working with it.