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Elizabeth here- research assistant for Professor Sheena Iyengar at Columbia Business School. Sheena is making the switch from pc to an iPad and we're finding there is a steep learning curve for the Voiceover software when used in conjunction with Siri and a bluetooth keyboard. There seems to be an endless list of commands, both gesture and typed, that often function differently in different applications. What we are seeking is someone very familiar Voiceover and blindness who can work with Sheena for an hour or two so that she can get the most out of her new device. This would be either in person in the NYC area or remotely. She is familiar with the blindness software JAWS, which is quite different. I'd appreciate any advice, or referral you can make.




Submitted by Tree on Tuesday, July 18, 2017


My name is Tree Joseph Mabry and I would be happy to do some training over Skype. I have been a VoiceOver user for seven years now, and I am also fluent with JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver on the mac. I work as an accessibility tester /consultant for Temple University; I have also worked as a teacher and mentor for blind people at a summer camp.

I would be happy to talk about setting up some training sessions; if you’re interested, you can email me at

I will say that I believe the pc is superior to the iPad in many ways when it comes to accessibility and productivity, but I do not know what Professor Sheena Iyengar’s needs are. Ios is a very good operating system to learn, and it is relatively simple once you understand the basics.

One final thing, I am really only qualified to teach VoiceOver, not any of the low-vision features such as zoom, because I do not have any sight, and I have no experience with zoom.

Good luck,

Submitted by Esan on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hi, my name is Eric and I'm able to help her out either online or in person. I live in NJ, about 20 minutes from NYC. I started the Blind iPhone channel on Zello over 5 years ago where we give tech support for all Apple devices as well as Android and Windows screenreaders. I'm also on Twitter at Blind_iphone.

You can contact me at


Submitted by Ricardo on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Good afternoon. Ricardo here, I've been training and consulting on Mac and IOS for the last 7 years. I am located in NYC, and have experience working with individuals acclimating to IOS from other platforms. I can be contacted at I could then provide you with more of my background, and discuss next steps if interested. Thanks.