Seeking help with using Talking Tuner; or suggestions of better alternatives

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I am trying to use Talking Tuner to tune a harp. It is a very live instrument, and I think the tuner is picking up the harmonics when I pluck a string. The tuner is all over the place, way sharp, way flat, a little flat, ... despite my attempts to damp the other strings than the one I'm trying to tune.
Does anyone know how to make Talking Tuner less sensitive, or is there another accessible tuner that might behave better?



Submitted by Justin on Thursday, July 20, 2017

not exactly sure if it's still around, as I haven't really played with the tuner apps before, but there used to be a blind tuner app called "montal tuner" which from my understanding is a piano tuning app that uses tune lab's algorithm to predict various factors in how the piano is going to be tuned. Yes, harps are very resonant instruments from what I gather, and really other than damping the strings that are vibrating sympathetically, there really is no other way i can see of filtering out the noise of the instrument.
Note" i've never tuned any kind of harp, weather it is a lap instrument or a large orchestral one! just applying piano theoretics here. lol!

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