Seeking GPS App for Use on College Campus

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Can anyone recommend a GPS app that will work well on a college campus primarily made up of winding, off-street sidewalks? I would like something with functionality similar to wha tis being advertised in the trekker Breeze Plus where accurate pins can be dropped easily along a route and at various landmarks such as building entrances. Has anyone used something for this or a similar purpose that they would recommend? Thanks!




Submitted by Justin on Friday, May 29, 2015

Hi Jana and welcome to applevis. I use the seeing eye GPS app on my phone for gps use. There are other gps apps, but the seeing eye is 100% usable. Plus you can create waypoints and such, if that is what you're referring to. I didn't use gps when I was in college, as the campus was very small, so no real need for it.

Thanks, Justin. Trekker Breeze specifically talks about having a mode for navigating in open spaces, and I was wondering if anyone who has experience with the Trekke rBreeze could comment on whether there is an app with something comparable for IOS.


Submitted by Cliff on Friday, May 29, 2015

Hi! You can check out two different apps that do what you want.
The first is called MyWay Classic and the second is called SeeingAssistant Move.
There's been a while since I've used any of them, but I seem to remember that MyWay was the easiest to use... Afraid I can't give you any more details than that, but just check them out! :)
Think they both will do the job for you!

Submitted by Tree on Friday, May 29, 2015

You should also check out an app called Blin blind square. Its a truly awesome app. In my time at college I was able to find new buildings every time with no trouble, thanks to blind square. The bread crumb approach your talking about might work for roots you have already walked, but blind square lets you find new places, check it out.

Submitted by Bat on Saturday, May 30, 2015

Another app you can try is Ariadne GPS, you can save your current location as a favorite. You can also view a map of the area with Voiceover. It isn't free but it is worth it, I've been using it for years. Also, you can export places from Blindsquare into it.

Submitted by Deborah Armstrong on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

There was another post about this exact problem, so I spent some time on the campus where I work playing with Seeing Assistant Move. I'm very impressed.…

Read all the comments in this thread and there's also a link to my review of the app.

I am blind and the college is 112 acres. I know my way around, but I get lost easily because my job requires I go different places on the campus constantly.