Seeking a family tracking app that works well with VoiceOver

iOS & iPadOS

Verry soon, I will be going to visit a friend. Her mom is using the life 360 family locator app. I understand why she wants to use this app, however, I'm not comfortable using it, mainly because of the accessability issues. Having said this, are there any apps that can do the following. 1. Let my friends mom track us as we're moving in a cab or just walking. 2. Let us check in with her when we reach our final location. 3. Useable with voiceover, I understand that the map portion of apps like this can't be used. I'm looking for something that has its main interface accessable.



Submitted by treky fan on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hi. I just downloaded the app and set up my account. Besides the call 911 button on the main screen, there are three other buttons after my location is displayed. They are menu, I'm here now, and I'm on my way. Can somebody who uses this app tell me what these three buttons do so I don't cal 911?