seeking confirmation of a bug in iOS 8

iOS & iPadOS

Hi all:
I've noticed the below for some time, but would like some confirmation from others before I finalize and submit a bug report to Apple.
steps for duplication:
1; set your typing mode to direct touch typing in the rotor.
2; place yourself in an app with a text field you can enter text. Double-tap the edit field so the keyboard is on screen.
3; hold down the home button to evoke Siri.
I've never gotten this to successfully work. I need to exit the app where the keyboard appears in order to get Siri back..
Thanks in advance for confirmation/suggestions other than the above work around, which isn't always the best.
Additional notes:
The same bug also seems to impact the use of a two-finger double-tap to activate dictation. Changing typing mode to standard or touch allows one to use the "magic tap" to enter dictation. Not sure these two things are related, and I'll be submitting them as separate reports, but I'm fairly certain they're more closely linked than one might think.
Thanks in advance for all feedback.