Seeking advice with selecting the best navigation app

iOS and iPadOS


I know their are several apps for navigation. I know that there is 4square, Blind Square, Microsoft Soundscapes, and Near by explorer. I feel that the last app is a bit too much and I was wondering which app would be the best to look at? I know that their are two versions of near by explorer. Free and paid. Any help would greatly appreciated. Also, are their other navigation apps besides the one's I mentioned?



Submitted by cool cat on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Try Lazarillo. As far as I know it is the only free navigation app that announces the intersections . It announces them as you cross, atleast in a vehicle anyway.

Submitted by gregg on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

some of these are free, some are paid and some are subscription:
Seeing Eye GPS, Soundscape, NAVIGON, Google Maps, Waze, Ariadne GPS, Loadstone, SeeingAssistant-AlarmGPS, SeeingAssistant Move, ViaOpta Nav,Where Am I, WhereAmIAt?, iMove, NaviRec, Here WeGo, what3words, Autour, Lazzus.
There beacon apps. There POI apps. There even sailing apps for blind sailors.
Navigation apps and those that work with VO are quite a few.