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How do you split files? I can't find how to do it with voiceover, nor can I find anything about a keyboard shortcut to do that.



Submitted by Tangela on Sunday, January 24, 2021

Unfortunately, they did not make this an easy process, but fortunately, it is doable. Put your cursor where you want to split the document. Select the first word you want to be split. it is necessary to select by going to the edit option in the rotor and then swiping down to select, Which will select the first word past the cursor. using text selection in the voiceover rotor to select will not work. Use the Triple tap to bring up the context menu. Swipe right past The first layer of menus in the pop-up until you see show more items. Double tap that. You should see split in the next menu layer. If this doesn’t work, you may have to hit show items several times. Please let me know if this process works for you, or if you have further questions.

It worked this way, but I found by accident that command + k does the same but faster. So weird that it doesn't even appear on the toolbar.
Do you know of any scrivener guide aimed to the blind? Something that goes beyond the basics would be ideal, as the basics are quite straightforward for me.
Are the devs of this app receptive to suggestions? I mean, this split feature should be easier to use with voiceover, and we should be able to import and split as folks can do on mac and windows.

Submitted by Tangela on Sunday, January 24, 2021

Apparently, splitting is difficult even for sighted users on the iOS app. I don’t think this is an accessibility concern. I don’t tend to use the app with a keyboard, so can’t really answer questions as to the keyboard commands. The only Guide I know of aimed at visually impaired users is the one I wrote for blind bargains. I would say it is best suited for a beginner to moderate user, but I’m not really sure what else would need to be Added. I’m happy to update the guide with more information if you have specific questions.

It has a keyboard command which I posted here before. So weird that they hide some important stuff, it's almost like they want you to buy the windows / mac versions. The app is pretty good as a standalone IMO though.

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