screen curtain strange behavior on an iphone 7

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Hello all:I cannot be sure about when it happened for the firs time, but three days ago my girlfriend realized my screen was visible. I usually activate screen curtain, so she asked why... The point is that, according to voiceover, screen curtain was on, since I tried to activate it and voiceover message was: screen curtain off.My impresion was I possibly was wrong or confussed, but today it happened again: the screen was visible, but screen curtain was off...I cannot replicate this behavior, once I turn this feature off and on again it works as expected, but later, no idea why, my screen becomes visible again...Has anyone experienced anything like that? Any clues?Thanks in advance!



Submitted by Adaria on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Voiceover crashing is what causes this. It will randomly say screen curtain on when VO crashes, but the curtain won't actually be on. my bf has pointed this out and we figured it out after it happened afew times. Safari causes VO to crash/restart for me quite a bit sometimes. I have an iPhone 7+.

Submitted by Alan on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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It sounds like you got it. I have been playing with a web page that causes voiceover to crash sometimes... Thanks, good job!