Scratchy IOS10 Voices on Iphone 5S

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I just downloaded the IOS10 update to my Iphone 5S., and I'm wondering if anyone else using Iphone 5S hears scratchy or muffled voice-overvoices rather than clear and understandable? In selecting a voice-over voice, I find that the sample voices are quite clear and understandable. However, when I select my preferred "Samantha" enhanced voice for use, it sounds very scratchy and unclear and almost like a retro-computer voice. I tried several different voices, default and enhanced with the same scratchy results.

Can anyone advise if this might be an inherent issue with Iphone 5S or if there is another setting that needs changing to get the clear voice of the samples?

Thanks in advance for your assistance! BLESSings!



Submitted by Lukas on Friday, September 16, 2016

I have no idea if this is going to help and no way to verify this as I still have only an iPhone 4S and my partner doesn't get this on her 5C, but have you rebooted your phone at least once ever since the update? Many people seem to be experiencing various weird glitches here and there that seem to be gone for good as soon as they reboot their phone once more after updating. Either that, or restoring your settings. Not the data or anything, just the settings themselves.

Submitted by david s on Friday, September 16, 2016


I have an iPhone 6 and after updating to IOS 10, the Samantha enhanced voice was turned on. My previous experience with the Samantha enhanced was it sounded like she was a long time smoker. Nothing wrong with that if you’re into that. But I prefer Samantha compact. Samantha compact was not one of the choices. I got around this by deleting the Samantha enhanced and it was replaced by the Samantha compact.

HTH and good luck.