Saving contacts as .vcf files

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Hi list.

I am trying to save all my contacts as .vcf files.
I do this in whatsapp by creating a whatsapp chat with myself, then I say Share media followed by contact.
Then I select all the contacts that I want to save, and it works well.
I can see each contact in the whatsapp chat by tapping view all.
Then I export that message with the contacts to google drive.
How ever, when I send that back to my phone either in whatsapp or contacts, it only shows me the first contact name and details.
The file name is Example Gary and 50 other contacts.
But the other 49 aren't there.
I also tried to export the hole chat backup and import it again, but that also doesn't work.
I could save each contact sepporately, but that is a very very long prossess.
I would like the contacts in .vcf format.
If I luze one or more contacts, I would like to import the ones I need.
In the whatsapp chat this is very possible, but I might not always have that on my phone.
Can anyone please lend a hand?
I would seriusly really apreciate it.
Also is there a way to select multiple contacts from within the contacts so I could maybe delete more then one at a time?thanks in advance,




Submitted by Gary Hough on Monday, November 18, 2019

HI list.
I am trying to find a way to save my contacts as .vcf files.
This works fine when I go in to whatsapp and create a chat with myself and say share media and then contact.
Then I select all the contacts that I want.
I can see each individual contact nicely and save it if I want to.
How ever, when I export that message with all the contacts to google drive, when I open it up there or send it back to my phone either to whatsapp or contacts, it only shows the first contact and it's details, even though the actual file name is example applevis and 50 other contacts.
I've also tried to export the hole whatsapp chat as a backup and bring that back in to my phone.
But then there are a whole lot of numbers and I'm not sure whatis going on there.
I can save each contact one at a time, that works, but that will take me a very very long time.
If anyone can lend a hand, I will really apreciate it very much.
Also on a related subject, is there a way I can select more then one contact to delete instead of always going in to edit and deleting it from there?


Submitted by kool_turk on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

What I do is log onto, go to contacts, select the ones I want and download as a vcf.

It's been a while so I can't tell you step by step instructions, but when I tried it a few months ago, it worked perfectly.

It names the file with the first contact, followed by how many contacts you have.

so for example, it would be something like batman and 23 others.vcf.

You can always re-name the vcf file to what you like after you download it to your computer.