S.A.P. Secondary Audio Programming

iOS & iPadOS

If anyone can help me, I am looking for a list or site that has all the shows and Netflix shows that are in SAP (The descriptive voice in the background). Also is there an emoji keyboard that works with the visually impaired.

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Submitted by smhy on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

There is an option toward the bottom of the menu in the Netflix iOS app to view all of the content that has audio description.

Submitted by Remy on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The previous user is right, though it doesn't have any categorization. it's just a straight dump of all shows/movies with it. What I'd love to see is a way to filter Netflix content by described and non-described. I'm not above watching non-described stuff, but seeing what's new in audio description would be nice.

Submitted by Konchog on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This is what I have learned in the past few months. Sometime in 2015, all broadcasts in analog format ceased. The Descriptive Video that was carried in the SAP channel went away. So all those wonderful movies on Turner Classic Movies that had Descriptive Video are no longer broadcat with the sAP. There is a new methodology for broadcasting descriptive commentary in broadcast media using one of th eight audio channels embedded in the format of the signal. However, the cable industry is stalling supporting this feature by failing to decide which of those eight audio channels will carry the descriptive commentary, which had been renamed "Audio description." The other difficulty in broadcasting programs with Audio Description is that it required expensive equipment, etc. The law requiring broadcast television to switch from analog to digital has phased in a time line for broadcasters to begin supporting Audio Description, and thus far, only the major networks are required to provide 50 hours of broadcast each week with Audio Description.

So us blind folks are kind of in a doughnut hole with descriptive commentary on our favorite shows and movies.