Safari: weird behavior - need help

iOS and iPadOS

Hello all

Since updating to 10.3 I have noticed something strange with Safari. Maybe this has been around longer but I have just recently noticed this, so sorry if this issue has been covered before. Here's the issue. After opening Safari in portrait mode and not opening anything (no new tab or typing something into address bar), I turn my device into landscape mode. Once in landscape, the bookmarks menu automatically opens but voiceover does not recognize the menu, voiceover just makes the donk noise that there is nothing there. Everything else is recognized normally. Tapping on the bookmark button activates or deactivates the menu, which is announced by voiceover, but the menu itself isn't no matter if I explore by finger or flick around. If a website is open (either from a choosing a favorite or from address bar) the bookmark menu is being read with no problems. Closing all open sites/tabs and hitting bookmarks again, voiceover again can't recognize the menu. Apparently the bookmark menu is only recognized if a site or tab is open. In portrait mode all works normally, this only happens in landscape moed. This is happening on my iPhone 7 and iPad mini 4 as also on my wife's 7 plus and iPad Air 2. Installed on all 4 devices is iOS 10.3 in german so maybe it's a language specific issue.

I have reported this to accessibility and they said that they couldn't reproduce the issue, even though they tried to do this in English and German. If anyone else is seeing this behavior please let me know, so that I can tell Apple accessibility that others have this issue too. Or even better also report them as well.

Something else that is strange is that when closing a tab and Iuse the rotor action to do so, a double tap does not confirm the choosen action instead I have to duoble tab and hold. This little issue is inconsistent, sometimes when more tabs are open everything works normally. This usually happens on the last tab that needs to be closed or if there's only one tab open.

If anyone can help that would be great. I have alot going on right now, so please don't wonder if I don't answer right away. I will try to reply as soon as I can. Have a great day. Thanks