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Safari does not play video from web. Whenever I use IE in my PC window, and go to specific web address to watch a program from another nation, I am able to do thanks to Flashplayer. However Safari does not play the program when I go the same web.How can I do so in my iPhone 6 with using Safari.



Submitted by dvdmth on Friday, December 19, 2014

Club AppleVis Member

If the website requires Flash, then you cannot use it with Safari on iOS. If the site offers an app, then that may be your solution. Otherwise, you will have to wait until they offer some other means to play their media, such as HTML5.

Fortunately, the number of sites that require Flash has been going down, and I suspect that the need for Flash will eventually go away. The fact that Apple doesn't support Flash, combined with the popularity of iOS, is causing more and more sites to move away from Flash, or at least provide alternatives through their own apps. Of course, if their apps are not accessible, then that doesn't help us.

anything in IE in window that plays uses flashplayer including the web page that I check. They do not have an app due to fact that is a web page. This means that I can not use safari in my iPhone to watch the games. Need to have access to a PC.

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