Routing Audio while Mirroring to Default Audio Device

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Hi all,
I use a projector with my iPad Pro in my classes in university. Starting with iOS 12 I started to encounter a problem while projecting.
When VO speech comes from the projector speakers, I use the rotor to @Audio Device@ and change the output device from external to default audio device.
However, VoiceOver speech becomes very distorted and it sounds like Mickey Mouse speaking with incredible speed. Nothing worked for me, I unpaired, re-paired, reset etc. Nothing seems to work for me. I emailed Apple Accessibility and they asked for a recording for this, the recording won't be possible as the audio comes from a 3.5 Apple headset, so I don't think I can capture the audio and how distorted it is. Has anyone gone through this? Is there any workaround for this problem?
Thanks all.



Submitted by dvdmth on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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With my older iPad Air, the VoiceOver speech would get distorted as you described when I tried to use it in combination with AirPlay, but for me the problem was intermittent and I could work around it by toggling AirPlay off and back on. My current iPad Mini 4 has never experienced the issue.

If it happens every time in your situation, then I’m not sure how to resolve the issue. My only advice is to try different VoiceOver voices, since I believe different voices get sped up by different amounts when the bug is triggered, so you might find a voice you could tolerate.

Unfortunately it persists with all voices. I contacted Apple Accessibility and they asked for an audio recording, now have no idea how to record the audio coming from a 3.5 headset and send it to Apple. Any idea?

Submitted by Malthe on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

You can hook the iPad up via a 3.5mm to an external soundcard connected to a computer, or if the computer has a microphone input, record it that way. You might need a mini jack to jack cable though.