Risks of Updating to the New IOS Software?

iOS & iPadOS
Hi everyone, I am wanting to update to the latest IOS software, but am concerned about a few things. First, are there any risks of updating directly on your phone? Do you lose apps, music, and other things like contacts? Also, I read about the iphone hacking virus. Can that only happen if you update and if so is there anything I can do before or after updating to prevent the virus? Thanks.



Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Saturday, March 10, 2012

hello! you don't loose anything, if everything goes normally. I'd suggest to back up your device to iCloud or to your computer to avoid any data loss. Sorry, I haven't heard anything of that virus you're talking about, My iPhone 4 updated successfully and is working better now than before.

Yes, as long as you back up your data before attempting the update, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. If the update fails catestrophically and the phone is left in an unbootable state, restoring all of your apps and settings is really simple to do. I have noticed that voiceover is much more responsive with the new version. If you have set up backups through ICloud, you can kick off one manually by going to settings -> ICloud -> Storage and Backup, and select backup now. If you're still using itunes to handle backups, your phone should be automatically backed up when you sync it. Good luck :)