Restoring issues with an iPhone SE

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Hi all. Could use your help. Long story short, trying to restore an iPhone SE. My problem is that when I plug this phone into iTunes, that stupid warning comes up, asking if I want to trust this iPhone. As this phone isn't mine, the tripple click option was never set, and I can't even get Siri to turn on Voice over. Is there a way to bypass that dialog so I can restore this phone? I don't want to take this in if possible. I need to find a parental control to make someone who shouldn't update their phone, unable too. ;) thanks for any help.



Submitted by david s on Monday, October 9, 2017


I suspect you restarted the phone thus Siri is not working since cellular and wifi is not on until you enter the password. And you said triple click was not enabled. And you will not be able to reset the accessability options using iTunes since the trust between the device and the PC needs to be established.

Is the iTunes account used on the device your account? If yes, you can use another device or go to the Apple website. Use find my iPhone and remotely wipe or erase the device. You will then be able to setup the device when you connect it with Itunes.

If the account is not yours, you can still do the above if you can get the account owner to enter their user ID and password.

HTH and good luck.