Restaurant Contacts for Tappy Menu

iOS & iPadOS

Hello all, I'm adding a restaurant contact list for those of you who are interested in contacting these places, and requesting that they add their menus to Tappy Menu. I know that a lot of you probably eat eat at most of these places, so bug them, and request that they add their restaurant menus onto this app. Explain to them the benefits of adding their menu, and how it will help blind and visually impaired persons will have easy access to their food items. If there is a restaurant that you would like to add onto the app that isn't on there, you are more than welcome to email them, and tell them about the app. This goes for everyone all over the world. Encourage every one of you to flood their inboxes. We want this app to go global, and the only way to do this, if you guys get out there, and send as many emails as you can. If the businesses are looking for an email address for more information, there is a contact us on the app that will go straight to the developer. Lets get this thing going!!! Bob Evans
Alex Gonzalez –

Susan Lintonsmith –
Tim Kraus –

Texas Roadhouse
Ryan Heck –

California Pizza Kitchen
Ashley Ceraolo -
Nathan Dail –

J Alexander’s
Kristine Mylls –

Bloomin’ Brands (Outback steak house, Carrabba’s Italian grille, Bonefish Grill, Fleming’s Steakhouse)
Michael Kappitt –
Dan Holm –
Katie Knight –
Kim Hill –
Julie Dolak –
Desmond Edwards –

Buffalo Wild Wings
Ben Nelsen –
Andrew Kulseth –
Diana Osberg –
Kathy Benning –

Colby Anderson –


Apple Bee’s
Jill McFarland -

International House of Pancakes (IHOP)
Darrin Kellaris –
Melting Pot
Kristen Colby –
Natalie Turner –

Tom and Chee
Martin Boyer –

Jason Rollins –
Josh Martin -

Krispy Krunchy Chicken
Allison Sharpiro –
Dan Sharpiro –

Tilted Kilt
Torie Lynch –

The Cheesecake Factory
Brittanie Dixon –
Donald Evans –
Lauren Collins –

Johnny Rockets
Jericho Lopez –
Joel Bulger –

Restaurants Unlimited
Chris Harter –

Melissa Fry –
Erin McAuley –

Christy Geiling –
Kim Zamir –

Catalina Restaurants
Keith Marron –

Yum Brands
Shindy Hodack –
Jennelle Tilling –

Stone Cold Ice Cream
Sara Schmillen –
Chanel McFarlane –
Steve Evans –

Boston Market
Michelle Glander –

Little Caesar’s Pizza
Alicia Renner –
Dashawna Sheridan –

In-N-Out burger
Jackie Lee –

Hungry Howies Pizza
Jeff Rinke –
Brian Wirth –

Smash Burger
Christine Ferris –

Jersey Mike’s Submarine
Holly Sansolo –
Jeff Hemschoot –

Red Lobster
Wanda General –
Ami Pope –

Miller’s Ale House
Tim Hartmann –
Ashley Montgomery –

Angela Savage –
Michael Lage –

Lou Malnati’s
Meghan Lindberg –

Smoky Bones
Roger Drake –

Panera Bread
Matt Warren –
Lauren Wright –

Brandon Rhoten –

Sbarro Pizza
Anne Pritz –

Fuddruckers Burgers
Toni Niece –
Rebecca Conner –

Krispy Kreme Donuts
Kelley O’Brien –
Mark labrecque –

Landry’s Restaurants
Devon Mikeska –
Lauren Fernandez -

BJ’s Restaurant
Joan Hansen –
Tom Cuddyer –

El Pollo Loco
Brittany Knoll Miller –
Mark Hardison –

Amanda Potts –

Chris Kopenec –
Jennifer Faren –

Firehouse Subs
Matt Olsen –

Waffle House
Ben Aune –
Shelby White –

Jamba Juice
Mike Woerner –
Brooke Boocock –

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels
Meredith Wenz –

Wing Stop
Sean Stevens –

Papa Murphy’s Pizza
Cynthia Hofmann –

Which Wich sandwiches
Mike Lockwood –

Habit Burger
Charlotte Lucich –

Papa John’s Pizza
Jim Mcdonnell –

Raising Cane’s Chicken
Justin Whitehead –

On the Boarder Mexican
Gerald Mann –
Coleen Rand –
Robert Abdallah –

Yogurt Land
Loletta Dao –

Mr. Hero
Tammy Owens –

Blackjack Pizza
Larry Schmuhl –

MOD Pizza
Charlotte Wayte –

Steven Kelly –

TGI Fridays
Franny Karkosak –

Sarah Blasi –

Dunkin’ Donuts
Dan Cohen –
Kevin Vine –

Tim Hortons
Peter Nowlan –
Brett Donald –
Michelle Robichaud –

Sonic American Dirve-in
Jason Carrigan –

Long John Silvers
Greg Melton –
Stephanie Hill –

Einstein Borthers Bagels
Ashley Brewer –
Teka O’Rourke –

Tropical Smoothie Café
Jennie Hong –

Church’s Chicken
Georgia Margeson –
Laura Reese –