Redirecting Safari from Downcast to Lire

iOS & iPadOS
Hello Folks, Sometimes, when in Safari on my iPHone 5, I come across links I want to click on in order to sign up for that site's RSS feed. Safari automatically hands me off to my Downcast app (which I believe has some RSS functionality under the hood in order to pull in podcasts I'm subscribed to. But, what I want is for Safari to hand me off to Lire, which I loaded onto my phone months after Downcast. Does anyone know if one can tell Safari to redirect those requests from Downcast to Lire? I called Apple Care whom I've found to be very helpful always, and patient. But the gentlemen I spoke to didn't know and was good enough to ask around to see if anyone else there knew and the general consensus was once it's set up it can't be undone. He did replicate my problem w/out having an RSS reader on his phone and Safari said to him there was no RSS reader on his phone and would he like to get one from theapp store? Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this. BTW, the two Lire podcasts from Applevis were oustanding. I spend more time in Lire than any other app on my phone. Cordially, Talkie