recovering built-in IOS5 app that seems to have disappeared from the screen/how to?

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The built-in app called Facetime has completely disappeared from any of my screens and folders on my iPhone 4S. I've synced it with my PC, and still cannot seem to get the Facetime app to appear. I know it once resided there, because there are preferences established in my settings menu. Question: How do I go about searching for and recovering an app that I know should be there? Please note that I am totally blind and am using VoiceOver to read the screens. Also, a sighted friend has looked at all of my folders and screens, and likewise cannot locate the app.



I know that the Facetime app is built into the iPhone 4S. However, isn't there a separate icon on the screen for "face time", as there is on the iPod Touch? Otherwise, if you don't actually tap on Facetime, how does the phone know whether or not to invoke video capability? Is there a separate Facetime icon on the iPhone 4s?

Submitted by Redhead on Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello, I see your problem and have had the same thing. To call somebody on facetime, just go to phone, contacts, the name you want, then there should be a call or facetime button. Choose facetime.