A recording app for iPhone that would allow me to

iOS and iPadOS

I'm looking for an app that would have the following characteristics

An app that when notifications come in, voiceover won't speak, thus it won't come out in the recording.
An app that would have some sort of gestures to start/pause and stop recording, thus when doing this, Voiceover won't come out speaking upon activating the before-mentioned controls.

I've tried: Between "Just Press Record" and "Simplemic", but with Simplemic Voiceover comes out speaking when notifications come in, thus which would you guys recommend? Just Press Record I can't try because it's only available via purchase, but I have tried the free version of "Simple Mic" (as I mentioned before, I didn't like the fact that when notifications came in, voiceover came out on the recordings) thus appreciating your experiences on, or if you have tried other recording apps, also would appreciate experiences.

I now use Audiomemos for this purpose, but it's annoying when notifications come in, Voiceover comes out speaking within the recording!



Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Just press record can start a recording with two finger double tap. So if you do 3 finger double tap and then 2 finger double tap, you have muted VO and started a recording. Just do another 2 finger double tap and then 3 finger double tap to stop recording and then unmute VO. Thats how I use JPR all the time.

Submitted by venova on Thursday, December 14, 2017

Just press record is the best recorder I know, except for Hokusai wich is an awesome recording and audio editing app but actually this will be very advanced and isn’t what you may be looking for. Also jpr is good to record on your iPhone or Apple Watch recording is just a few taps away.