recommendation for meditation/breathing app

iOS & iPadOS

Many of the meditation / breathing apps seem to have a strong visual component in addition to audio for meditating or doing controlled breathing.

I was wondering if folks had recommendations for such apps that don't rely on the visuals.





Submitted by Justin Philips on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

IOS clock app is good enough. There is also an app called Alarmed, which you can try.

Submitted by Chris Smart on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hi Pete.

If you are serious about starting and maintain a daily meditation practice, check out an app called Waking Up. Sam Harris is both a skilled meditator and a neuroscientist, so he can both walk the walk and talk the talk so-to-speak. The app is broken up into two sections, short talks that give you interesting things to think about or describe some aspect of meditation or how our minds work, and guided meditations that you simply follow along with.

If you can't afford the yearly subscription, simply email the company and tell them you have limited finances, are on a fixed income etc. and they'll gladly give you a year's access, no questions asked.

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