reading large emails on iPod touch

iOS and iPadOS

Earlier today I got the nfb braille monitor on my iPod touch. When I tried reading it, the iPod said the message could not be displayed because a problem repeatedly occured. I had to go to gmail in safari and read it that way. Is this a bug with apple mail that it cannot read big emails such as the braille monitor and other monthly magazines?



Submitted by Trenton Matthews on Saturday, September 7, 2019

An alternative email client that should work out well, is ‘Microsoft Outlook.” Unlike its Android counterpart, the IOS one closely matches Apple’s own Mail client (getting a huge makeover once IOS13 arrives.)

Gmail on any platform (unlike the discontinued ‘Inbox by Google” application,) just don’t cut it in the accessibility department.

Other accessible mail clients out there include ‘GMX Mail” and ‘Yahoo Mail.”