Radio apps buffering under newest iOS

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I have used several radio apps under the newest iOS. I have noticed, that many of them seem to be buffering, even with the screen unlocked. How can I fix this problem?I will be listening to a station for a few seconds, and the station buffers for no reason. The apps I have used our TuneIn radio,into apps for local stations in my area.



Submitted by James O'Dell on Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hi. as discussed in previous threads I have been having this problem and it doesn't appear to relate to Wi-Fi in general as streaming TV was working, , but not streaming radio in any app - or not reliably anyway. I have also noted that some streams seem to suffer more than others with this - specifically many of the streams hosted by Ultrahost appear to exhibit this behaviour quite a lot although I doubt it is their fault and I have seen other streams buffer a lot as well.

Anyway, after playing with nearly every setting on the phone I appear to have discovered a work-around, which will not be suitable for everybody but I will share it here. Basically, if you disable IMesages in Settings > messages it seems to work and the problem with buffering over Wi-Fi largely goes away. I have had the odd occurrence of buffering but nothing like it was before. Obviously this means you lose IMessages but for me this is a price worth paying for the time being as I have unlimited texting on my contract and don't use audio or video messaging much. Hopefully Apple will fix this so that it works as it should do in a future update. Hope some of you find this useful.

Best wishes