QuizUp - Request for Community Action

iOS & iPadOS

Hi guys,

QuizUp looks like a mighty fun multiplayer trivia game. Let me try to get you excited about it. It has Facebook integration, all kinds of nerdy question genres, a brisk but not impossible game pace, and purports to match you with the "perfect opponent" which I take to mean some stranger who can give you a run for your money without schooling you so hard that you hie your iPhone under the pillow in sheer shame.
Seriously, QuizUp sounds really great. And it's apparently accessible - if you use Android.
If you use IOS, you can do almost everything inside the game except answer questions, because the answer buttons are just labeled "answer 1" through "answer 4".
I've been twittering to @QuizUp, letting them know that I want to play the game. So far they've said that a "special version" "isn't being planned". Half a dozen VO users have joined me in explaining that an accessible mainline version is what we want, deserve and expect.
Please join me by sending a tweet of your own to @Quizup with the #a11y tag or reviewing the app in light of your experience with it.

I'd nominate this app for Campgin of the Month, but that page seems to be in the construction zone right now. I'm impatient, is all, so please indulge this more informal request for now.
VO users aren't losers; accessibility isn't trivial; and @QuizUp needs to level up and take on the accessibility challenge!



Submitted by André Silva on Thursday, June 22, 2017


I would like to express my frustration concerning this game. This game isn't as good as I expected for VoiceOver users. Maybe we, as a community, could make a petition so that the developers behind this game know that we aren't a bunch of losers and that we desserve to play this game as much as our sighted companions. What do you think? Aren't there any accessible petition websites that cater to gamers with disabilities or not? We must join forces and fight for the accessibility of this game!
Best wishes,