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Hello all,
I was wondering on my IPhone when I go to bed I like to turn off my notifications so that way they don't wake me up, even if I mute the phone it still vibrates. I was wondering is there a way to silent all notifications or do I have to turn off each app's notifications one by one?



Submitted by DPinWI on Friday, January 15, 2016

Have you looked into the do not disturb settings?

Submitted by Christine on Friday, January 15, 2016

Hi, Troy! There are a few different ways you can go about disabling notifications for when you are sleeping, or at any other time really. You could continue to mute your phone at night, but then also go into settings and disable vibrate. Just keep in mind that that setting would obviously be enabled at any other time, so you would have to go back into the settings and enable vibrate when you are awake if you would like. There is a much easier option though… There is a feature called do not disturb, which allows you to temporarily disable all push notifications to your device, whether it would be at all times or just when your screen is locked. You will not receive any notification alerts, as well as no vibrations. However, if you have any contacts in your favorites and they call you twice within a couple minutes, that call you would be alerted of. In the do not disturb settings you can pick and choose how you would like it to be set up… You can have do not disturb mode automatically turn on at a certain time, as well as have it disable itself at a certain time. As I mentioned before, you can also have do not disturb mode block all push notifications at all times, or have it just block push notifications if your screen is locked. So that way you would still get notifications if you happen to be awake and using your phone, but notifications would stop when you lock your phone. Since my sleeping schedule never seems to be the same, I just use Siri to turn do not disturb mode on and off. Simply saying turn do not disturb mode on, or turn do not disturb mode off will do the trick! And also, if you happen to forget whether or not you turned do not disturb mode on, a quick way to check would be by locating the half moon in the status bar… It would be to the left of how much battery you have, and to the right of the time. I believe Apple did label the symbol as do not disturb mode. I hope this helps you out! And happy sleeping. :)