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I downloaded the All in Yoga app some time ago, and finally have the time to start using it. It has a share to facebook feature. I'm logged into facebook on my ipod, and I selected the share to facebook option in the app. It's showing that the app has permission to share to facebook when I complete a program, but it doesn't seem to be doing it. Can anyone think of a reason why this might be happening? I don't have the official facebook app installed; I'm just logged in using the iOS facebook feature, found in settings. But the app does come up in the settings, and it's set to on. Anyone experience anything like this?



Submitted by MarkSARCH on Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hi Lisa I have possible answers to your your question, But before star let me say that first you need to have installed the facebook app on your iOS device to allow use the share feature between apps. On the iOS 6 and newer versions you can download and install the facebook app from Settings app: Step 1 Open settings app on your iOS device Step 2 Under settings heading select for Facebook button Step 3 On the new Facebook heading screen Hit on Install button This process will install the facebook app on your iOS device, if you have already installed the app skip to the next process. You need have facebook account, log in and perfect move to follow, to see if you have enable the share feature on the app, do the fallow the facebook app #2. On the facebook app look for Main menu button #3. On the app center section You will see an app list all of them show up on this list can be share and use directly on facebook for example I do have on my Facebook app below of app center section the follow apps iHeartRAdio YouTube mobile Pandora TuneIn Foursquare Etcetera, etcetera. NOTE; Both apps need to be installed on the device to share info. I’m able to use eather app for example Lets go double tap on YouTube Mobile I will post a video link to my facebook app This link will shows up on the news feed. NOTE for some reason many own post using share feature from apps will not show the link or post on the news feed section on my own Facebook app.

That unfortunately didn't work. I installed the facebook app, but it didn't fix the problem. It's weird because the permission for the yoga app are set to on, but it won't automatically share when I complete a program, like it's supposed to. But if I click share in another app, it shares fine. So, I'm wondering if it's maybe an app issue.

Hey Lisa Can you see Yoga app Under app center section on the Facebook app I know you said doesn't work but just wonder if the app is showed on the section.

Submitted by Lisa on Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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Hi Marco, Yes, the app does show up in the apps section of facebook. And even on the website, it shows that permissions are turned on for the app. This is what leads me to believe it may be an app problem.