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Hello all,
Does anyone know if MBraille is going to support UEB anytime soon? I used the contact form on the apps website to ask the developer but I have not received any reply.

Greg Wocher



Submitted by Thomas Byskov … on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hello Gregg!

Harri who develops MBraille has told on the MBraille maillinglist that UEB-support is on the todolist for MBraille.

Best regards Thomas

Submitted by Greg Wocher on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hello, That is good to hear about UEB support. How does MBraille work as a third party keyboard? I am seriously thinking of purchasing it because there is a lot you seem to be able to do with it. How does using it compare to using the normal BSI for iOS? BSI is nice because you can put it in the rodar and switch back and forth between it and the regular keyboard easily. However, I have issues with BSI and the messages app. Also I don't like that when using contracted with BSI it does not give you feedback as you type each character like MBraille does.

Greg WOcher

I prefer BSI to MBraille, character feedback or no. I find it more reliable, in that it's always available when I need it. I've had trouble getting MBraille to pop up sometimes, particularly on my 6S Plus. That, coupled with the lack of UEB support means I'm sticking with BSI. Apple seem to be more on top of fixing bugs than MBraille are. One other thing, purely subjective, is that MBraille's spacing is really hard on my fingers on my iPad Air 2 and there seems no way to calibrate it to match my hands the way I can with BSI.

Submitted by Thomas Byskov … on Thursday, May 19, 2016

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Hi Jake!

Have you tried changing the swipe sensitivity on your iPad?
You change this by going onto the MBraille app and give the following vommand:
.set sensitivity xx

XX is a number between 18 and 50. As default the sensitivity is set to 28, and the lower it goes the more sensitiv it makes MBraille. Try setting it to 50 and work your way down. I did that earlier this week, and noticed that spaces etc. got much improoved on my iPhone 6 Plus, and I have always used 50.
Please let me know if this works out for you.

Best regards Thomas

Submitted by Thomas Byskov … on Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hi Gregg!

There are some differences between the MBraille keyboard and the app and Braille screen input from Apple.

In most cases iOS itself will remember the last keyboard you used, so it will pull up the MBraille keyboard when you doubletap edit fields. You can then type your text and swipe towards the home button to go to the next keyboard, or swipe up with three fingers towards the top of your device to dismiss the MBraille keyboard.

What I personally find very cool is the fact that you can do spellcheck as you type in the MBraille keyboard outside MBraille. That's something I really love.

You can also use aliases you have made from the MBraille app, I use this all the time when sending messages to people, because that speeds up my texting skills.

What can be a little annoying is that iOS in few cases forgets which keyboard I used in a given app. So for instance I have experienced that I composed a message from the MBraille app, I performed the .sms command, and the MBraille keyboard showed up inside this screen instead of the iOS keyboard. So I had to swipe towards the home button to switch to the next keyboard. But I actually think this is an issue inside iOS not in MBraille.

In fact you can play with a limited version of the MBraille keyboard. Go to settings, general, keyboard and add the MBraille keyboard to the software keyboards on your phone.
But note: There are quite a few things that you can not do from this demo version. You can not delete words, switch to uncontracted or contracted braille with the gestures as you can in the app, and some other gestures that I can't remember on top of my head.

But please let me know how it works out for you.

Best regards Thomas

Submitted by Greg Wocher on Thursday, May 19, 2016

I added this to my keyboards. When using this as a third party keyboard is it possible to use it in screen away mode? Right now I am using the demo mode so it may not be able to do that.

Greg WOcher

Submitted by Thomas Byskov … on Saturday, May 21, 2016


Yes, if you have allowed full access as I mentioned previously.
Note: You may need to open MBraille (the app itself) before launching the MBraille keyboard for the first time to make sure that settings are transfered correct.

Hope this helps

Best regards Thomas

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