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I'm new to lyft. I know on uber you can see the ETA of a uber before requesting it, like for example it will say pickup location ETA 5 minutes button. however I can't find out how to do this on lyft. Is this not possible on lyft until you actually request a ride? If it is possible to see a lyft ETA before requesting where do I go to see it?



Submitted by Marconius on Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hi there, I'm the accessibility specialist at Lyft. On line rides, the ETA should show up in the main screen above the confirm pickup button, however I think we have been playing with this as the time has never been to accurate. It is always fairly safe to assume that a car is within five minutes of you, depending on what city you are in. Will definitely do more testing when I get a chance to give you a more concrete answer.

Submitted by Kevin p on Sunday, March 27, 2016

Find the 'request Lyft' button and swipe left once. This will tell you how far vehicles are from you before requesting a ride.

Submitted by Samuel J on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This issue with the Lyft app has come up ever since the last couple of app updates. I have been unable to find the ETA for the nearest driver on the main screen of the app with Voiceover. Prior to this, that used to come up between the Pick Up address button and the Confirm Pick Up button. However, it is no longer there. I have explored the entire screen and Voiceover simply does not find the number of minutes anywhere, no matter what I have tried. Swiping or exploring the screen by touch, neither techniques work. This has made it highly inconvenient to use the app since I cannot determine how far the nearest driver is and so I cannot plan my trip accordingly. I tried to submit a help request via the Lyft website, but for some reason that form does not get submitted, even though I am filling out all the required fields. I would request Marconius, the Accessibility Specialist at Lyft who posted above, to please look into this. Would really appreciate it.

Submitted by Marconius on Saturday, April 2, 2016

Unfortunately, the ETA feature was moved to a new part of the interface which is currently inaccessible to VoiceOver. There was a design change that put the ETA onto the map near the graphical representations of the nearest drivers. Currently with the latest release of the app, you can get the ETA by scanning around the center of your screen with a finger. VO will find an ETA value, but you will not be able to swipe out of this once you find it. You will have to scan around the lower portion of the screen to pull the VO cursor out of the map graphic and back into the accessible interface.

They are well aware of this and I am trying to get them to put the ETA back into either the Pickup or Ride Mode fields in the main interface. It is one of the top priorities so expect a fix soon.

Submitted by Troy on Saturday, April 2, 2016

I think I know where the ETA is now, I'm assuming when I am in the middle of the screen vo speaks a number to me like for example when I did this it said 4.