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Hi all, I am sure most of you know that you can use commas and semicolons in phone number entries, commas will insert pauses into phone numbers before dialing a string of digits, useful if say you are through to an automated service. The semicolon can be used if you don't know how much time you will need before dialing the next set of digits and gives you the option to tap a button to dial the next set of numbers when you are ready, though personally I just keep adding commas till I have enough time and the phone will accept the next dialed numbers automatically. So anyway now that I have explained all the above, my question is quite simple, when I am creating a new contact and adding a phone number how do I actually insert the comma or semicolon symbols? at the moment I copy and paste the symbols from other numbers where I already have them, and originally I wrote them in the notes app and pasted them in the numbers that needed them. But I am sure there must be a way to do it from the phone or contacts app when setting up a new contact or after it has been created. But unfortunately the on screen keyboard doesn't seem to give me an option when I am on the screen for entering the number, and a Bluetooth keyboard won't physically type the characters either when entering the number for the first time or if I try editing it after creation. So if anyone knows some nice simple steps for how to insert these characters into a phone number without me having to copy an paste them I would really like to know. Thanks.



Submitted by J.P. on Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's very simple to add commas in phone app. When at keypad, after entering number tap shift key. Comma will appear in lower left corner. HTH. JP

Submitted by alex wallis on Thursday, October 17, 2013

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Hi, thanks for that info, I just wrote a post saying I had never scene a shift key when adding a contact on ios 5 6 or 7, then I just had a look and have now scene it under ios 7, I wonder why I never saw it before under older ios versions. I know I couldn't have missed it on older ios versions as I always flick from number to number rather than trying to find them through aiming for them on the screen, so I guess something must have been a bit strange with my previous versions of ios I used. Am I right in thinking though you don't get a shift key on the keypad tab? when calling a number directly without it being in contacts? as I don't see a shift key on the keypad tab and never have.