Question About Downcast

iOS and iPadOS
I just downloaded the Downcast App. But now I can't seem to find out how to search for a specific app. For instance, I downloaded the AppleVis feed. But I particularly wanted to listen to the podcast, Fleksy Revisited, and the podcast about how to use Downcast. But I don't know how to search for them. Can someone please provide some help? help on how to



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Monday, December 9, 2013

1. click the podcast feed you want to listen to 2. click show more episodes 3. click the one you want to hear. Hope that helps. I did a podcast on down cast at but my computer is having a fit at me so I cannot give a direct link. Sorry about that. Take care and be blessed.

Thanks for your assistance. When I tried your suggestion, I noticed that the message on the screen said that only the 100 most recent podcasts are included in the feed. It indicated I have to read the older podcasts online. That was the problem. I'm looking for a couple of older podcasts.

Tha'ts the rss feed for you. Mien has the latest 10 and for the rest you must go to the website. Not much you can do about that then as that's the rss feed and the way they have it designed. It keeps it at a manageable size when generating the xml feed or in my case the rss thing for my own podcast. Take care.

Yeah, that extra view episodes thing had me going for the longest time when I first installed the app. it would be really cool if you could search through the list of visible episodes. For example, if you know that a Fleksy review has been done, but it was 40 or so shows ago, you could simpley search for fleksy in the applevis podcast feed. O well, Downcast is the best podcast player/maniger ever, and you will not be sorry you downloaded it!! One of my most favorite features of the app, is the abbility to configure podcast feeds individually. For instance, I have the applevis podcast set to mark all new episodes for streaming, and delete already played episodes. The NPR CarTalk podcast is set to delete already played episodes, but download all new episodes, rather than mark them for streaming. This is because they only show the last two episodes in their feed, and I can't always listen to them every week. Ocationally, I'll have a marathon of new CarTalks. Great feature.