question about calender and reminders

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hello everyone'
i have 2 questions about reminders and calander i'll be very happy for your help.
1. i made a mistake and instead of creating a new reminder a have created a new list. it dosen't really matter if the list just stays there empty but i wish to delete it. does anyone know how? i couldn't find any delete button the only thing i could do was draging it like you do when you move apps and place it above or under the remindrs deault list.
2. when i enter to a certian date at calander to view the events i see a list of hours like 10-00 11-00 etc. how can i find quickly the event itself without having to go through all the hours at the day. when i try to do it iphone says use the router to access events but i can't really figure out how to do it.
thanks alot