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Hi, Just wondering does anyone happen to know of an accessible thesaurus app? I just wondered as the american heritage dictionary has just become accessible, but I don't think this app includes a thesaurus, which would be nice to have as well.



Submitted by Amir on Sunday, September 30, 2012

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Alex, in case you're looking for a good thesaurus from the makers of the same AHD 5 and Enfour, I suggest Roget's II: New Thesaurus. Of course, since it hasn't been made fully accessible yet, you don't have that streamlined navigation there. However, even that one has been made more or less accessible (at least under iOS 6) -- please check my post for more on that.

Hi Amir, thanks for your reply, and that very comprehensive blog post. I was just thinking after reading it, and the app entry for the dictionary, Is it a good idea for lots of us to contact the developers. Clearly seeing as you have been working with them for some time, might it be better to wait and see if people have a list of accessibility bugs, and then once known about you could send them to the developer. As otherwise, potentially they could get e mails from 50 people all reporting the same problem, this could be confusing and annoying for them. I just think it would be good for one person to be a point of contact between the dictionary developers and the community. Have the missspelling of accessibility and the unlabeled buttons in the dictionary been reported? Regarding the thesaurus, I read the entry on it, what does the app description mean when it says it can work with other products, and lists several, including the heritage dictionary?

You're welcome, Alex. As for contacting the developers, I think it would be a good idea for all of us to do that. It would strengthen the impression that their devotion to accessibility is truly worthwhile, so the more users contact them, the better and faster they'll implement new features and bug fixes. So please go ahead and contact them in case you can. Unfortunately I couldn't test this release before it was made available as beta releases couldn't be sent for my account or I'd have noticed the "accessibility" and "adjective" misspellings. As for the Thesaurus, my guess is that the links will allow you to also look up words in AHD in case you have it installed. I'll check and report my findings here as I haven't tested that.