QR code in iOS11 camera

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Has anyone had any success using the QR reader built into the camera in iOS11? I just tried it, and this is what I found. I was using it on a QR code that links to a document. It did recognize the code, and it did ask if I wanted to open the doc in safari. However, it wasn't an alert or any such thing, making me not be able to figure out a way to double tap it before it disappeared. Has anyone else tried the QR Reader with any better results? Or, should I possibly suggest to apple to make whatever pops up as being recognized as an alert that can be double tapped? I love the idea, but right now I don't find it very user friendly or really usable at all unless I'm missing something.



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I'm wondering about the exact same thing! I'm still on ios. 10, but this is one of the features that is tempting me to upgrade. So, I haven't played with it yet myself. I'm excited to play with this feature and see what products it can read and where else Apple plans on taking this. For example, maybe Apple could identify things (say a box of cupcake mix), and offer you an option to go to a webpage from the manufacturer with instructions on how to cook it. Or maybe it could search for instructions, and then have instructions right there! Or maybe you could scan a DVD. or CD., and it would take you to a page or search for and give you info on that DVD. or CD. Maybbe it could tell you where to find the best prices/deals for products online and in brick-and-mortar stores. I don't know, possilities seem endless to me! And those are just 2 examples I could think of! However, I know that posts and people have said that you do not need your other QR. code reader apps, but I think I'm going to leave them on. And you've just given a very compelling reason why. I also feel like depending on the app, you'd also get certain features out of it that Apple's doesn't offer. I'm also wanting to hear about people's experiences with this rather useful I think feature!

I like your ideas. However, right now as far as I know it is a QR code reader. I've not heard it is a bar code scanner, though I'd be happy to be wrong about that. That said however, if the QR code part does work, perhaps bar codes could be added? That truly would be useful!

As for me playing with this feature, I am fortunate to have more than one device and thus updated one and not the other. So I'm running both iOS10 and 11 at the moment and must admit I am not in a hurry to upgrade the one running 10 right now, in spite of it's persistent nagging that it is downloaded and ready to install.