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I recently installed ios 6 but I am unhappy with the voice as I live in Ireland now when I send a text message i have no speech feedback of puntuation. any help would be grateful.



Submitted by Ro on Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hi, I'm not sure if punctuation in the rotor was a feature before iOS 6 but I stumbled upon it after updating. You can add it to your rotor in VO settings. You can then easily adjust from no punctuation to some to all. When it is set to all, you then get feedback when reading back text you have entered. HTH, Ro

Hi guys Punctuation is a feature on iOS 6, This feature appear on the VoiceOver rotor.. Right here is the guide how to activate the punctuation feature using the rotor in iOS 6. #1 Open the settings icon on the iOS device. #2 Under settings heading look for General And press double tap on it. #3 Under general navigate and look for Accessibility And double tap on it. #4 Under accessibility heading navigate and look for VoiceOver And press double tap on it. #5 Under VoiceOver heading navigate and select for Rotor Press double tap on it. #6 Under rotor heading navigating look and select for Punctuation And hit on it to select it. #7 Using the VoiceOver rotor feature on wherever screen look for punctuation option, using the gesture flick up or down you will find 3 options No punctuation Some punctuation All punctuation And just choose your selection. Hope this helps.

Submitted by Dave Nason on Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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Hi, Firstly on living in Ireland, so do I and I agree that the Irish voice is awful. However if you go to Settings>Accessibility>VoiceOver>Language Roter, you can select other voices. Personally I find the Australian the most barable English voice. Secondly, if you go to Settings>General>Accessibility>VoiceOver>Typing Feedback, you can choose the level of spoken feedback you want for both on-screen (software) and hardware keyboards. HTH