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Hi All, I just recently Jailbroke my 4S. I downloaded the app ProTube which is an app similar to Youtube but I can't find how to download videos with it or search and play them. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Shane.



Submitted by Robert A.M. on Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hi there! I haven't downloaded this app myself, but I believe that Protube is meant to be used with the regular Youtube app you download at the App Store. Protube adds a couple of icons to the Youtube app allowing you to download the video you are watching to your device and do a few more things with it. Hope this helps!

So Robert, here's what I found out. There is a search option, but VO doesn't read it I guess because of how the app is designed, but my gf was able to get to it without VO on. Wonder how this works with Youtube?