Prologue - Audiobook app for Plex

iOS & iPadOS

Hey everyone,

I have been lurking these forums since I got an iPhone 16 months ago and I finally decided to join the forum and post about an app that I recently discovered.

The name of the app is Prologue and it is an audiobook player for a Plex Media Server. The official Plex app does not have audiobook support as it is mainly for listening to music and watching video content.

Here are some of the app features:

- Stream books from a Plex server
- Download books for offline playback
- Access shared libraries (e.g. if a friend of yours has given you permission to access their library, Prologue lets you browse their books)
- Retain position and chapter support
- Playback speed, sleep timer, car play capabilities
- Access your library over the internet remotely
- Fully accessible with VoiceOver

Here is a link to the app on the app store:

And here is the Test Flight link to the beta:

The current beta includes multiple VoiceOver fixes after I requested some improvements, so you should probably use the beta to try the app initially. The developer has been great listening to feedback and he's open to improving the app for blind users so feel free to email them through the app to request any features or report bugs.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with this app, this is just an app I discovered that has made my audiobook experience much better than having to use iTunes to move books to my phone or use cloud storage solutions.

Feel free to ask any questions if you have them.


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