Problems adding a creditcard

iOS & iPadOS


Yesterday I tried to add a creditcard via my iPhone to my Apple ID to be able to purchase apps in the appstore.
I checked my creditcard type, entered the number of my creditcard, CVC code and month and year the card is valid.
All without any problem. But then I came to field Phone. It seems to be a multi line field. I hear 123, some numbers and afterwards the phone number known in my Apple ID. It seems I must do something with this field to continue the process.
No idea what to do with this field. Any suggestions or help with adding a creditcard with Voiceover.

BTW: after I press the ready button (not sure if it is called that way, because I use duthc language on my phone) I get an error message. Some fields are not properly filled. Please see the red fields. Not very accessible finding red vields with VoiceOver.