Problem with voice over volume on iPhone 6 IOS 8.1.2

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Hello everyone,
I am having problems with my iPhone 6 64 gigs with T-Mobile.
Since yesterday, I have been having issues with the volume of the Voice Over sound effects and other sounds, but the Voice Over voice itself is low in volume, even though I have the volume of Voice Over on the rotor on 100%.
This seams to only happen when I have the phone on speaker, with headphones everything is fine.
Actually, is all of the sounds, not just the Voice Over sound effects.
I already did a reset of my settings, and the problem came back.
I tried to adjust the ringer and alerts, and the change with buttons on and off, and it seams to fix it, but when I need to raise or lower the volume, then the problem comes back.



Submitted by Imani on Saturday, January 10, 2015

Check your audio ducking, is it on or off. I have the same phone and had to turn VO on and off again to get the sound working correctly. . Sadly I've gotten use to it. It doesn't happen as much anymore though. Hopefully someone else can help you even more.

Audio ducking has to be on. You can actually try it, turn it on and off, and when its off you can hear it right away when you flick because it comes back louder than what its supposed to be.
Thank you very much!
I was thinking about calling Apple or T-Mobile..., having to exchange my phone...
Once again, thank you so much!

Submitted by Imani on Saturday, January 10, 2015

Glad to help