Problem Using the OverThere App.

iOS and iPadOS

I posted a similar comment in the app directory, which I believe was the wrong place to post it. Two of my friends and I all installed the OverThere app on our iPhone 6S phones running the latest version of iOS 10; and we were all using it while riding in the same car. Theirs were working as expected. However, while holding my phone parallel to the ground horizontally and turning it in different directions, The app did not disable VoiceOver commands and screen interaction as was stated in the app post. While holding the phone in this way, I could right flick through the screen and read the signs, because the app voice never took over and VoiceOver continued to operate. Turning the phone in a vertical position didn't seem to make any difference. I can't figure out why my friends were able to hold their phones horizontally and when they turned them the app's voice was reading the signs like the tuning of a radio as we passed them; but mine would not. Is it possible that I need to change some VoiceOver or motion setting on my phone to make the app work properly? I know that the app uses motion sensors in the phone to read the signs. I also have a case on my phone but my friends do also. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I love knowing what's around me when I am walking or riding in a car. Thanks.

Jo Anne Stombaugh