Problem with upgrading Radium app

iOS and iPadOS

Hi everyone,
I can't seem to get my radium too opI heard there is a new version available for radium can someone please telll me how I can upgrade my current version of radium thank you all for any help



Submitted by Toonhead on Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hi. you didn't really specify if you're running radium on the mac, or on iOS devices like the iPhone, etc. What kind of error message do you get when trying to upgrade if any? and if there isn't an error message what exactly happens? I'm kind of not understanding where exactly the problem is so if you can give us a little more information, we can try to help a bit. There was a recent update to the Radium app on iOS and when I upgraded, it installed perfectly and runs great on my iPhone 6. Can you give us more info?