Problem with setting up Apple Pay In the UK

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Hi, Apple Pay has just been released here in the UK today so I thought brilliant, that was until I tried entering a card. My excitement was short lived because i managed to use the camera to get my card details. But then my issue begun. After entering my card security code I hit the next button but got a message saying my card was unable to be added to try later or contact my card provider. I assumed with it being new it might have been bombarded so left it a couple of hours but still the same is happening. I phoned my bank who checked my card was working which it was and I contacted Apple who said there was no issue withApple pay. So has anyone else had this issue and if so how did you sort it out, kind regards John



Submitted by John newton on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hi guys here is an update I have just been reading that my bank which is Lloyds for those in the UK haven't got there system in place for Apple Pay yet this is kind of crap when you bare in mind they have had plenty of time, just for the record HSBC and TSB are the same. I'm not happy about this but not a lot I can do Ihave already emailed my bank complaining but I'm not expecting much.

Submitted by Bingo Little on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Very frustrating John. I thought I should also add that, as far as I am aware, Barclays (one of the largest, if not the largest, high street bank in the UK) are not supporting Apple pay at this time either. if I am wrong I will be delighted, but I read it in the Telegraph a couple of weeks ago. at least with Lloyds the problem seems temporary. With Barclays it's not a question of their not having the systems set up, rather it's a conscious choice not to support it at this time.

Submitted by John newton on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I heard that Barclay's have their own way of doing it they have an armband with the built in NFC chip which is a bit odd if they are going to do that then I'd rather just stick with my card, but this is a huge progression in payments so you'd think all banks would have it sorted after all it's not just Apple doing it there is Android versions of the same kind of thing and Google too.

Submitted by David on Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Apple have published a list of the participating banks in the UK, as well as participating retailers. So I'd advise anyone who wasn't directly contacted by their bank to check there to see if they can use it yet.

fortunately my bank is taking part, and although the option for Apple Pay didn't turn up on my phone until part way through the morning, I was able to add the card I had set up in ITunes with no hassle at all for my Apple Watch.

Submitted by alex wallis on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hi all, just in case people find the following helpful, I thought I would just let everyone know that NatWest visa debit cards are supported but not NatWest visa credit cards. Seems very strange to me, when I rang the card company they first gave me inaccurate information then I got a call back from there apple pay team to explain why I couldn't add my credit card, when I tried I got a message saying that my card wasn't supported. Seems very odd why support visa debit cards from NatWest but not visa credit? they were unable to tell me if there were plans to support visa credit in the future.

Submitted by Ray on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hello. I've had no problems setting up my cards from Santendar, RBS and MBNA. Credit and Debit cards. Managed to scan one of the cards in with the camera by chance, but had to enter the other card in manually, as lightening doesn't strike twice apparently. Haven't tried to pay for something with the Apple Watch as yet, but hoping to pop into Pret a Manger on my way out for a coffee and a cake, so we'll see...