problem sending text message from Iphone 5; unable to type info on the keyboard section of my Iphone

iOS & iPadOS
Hi, when I recieve a text message to my Iphone 5, I can read the incoming message. However, I cannot reply back to this incoming message by typing info. I cannot enter in any info from the keyboard. I use the touch typing style, however, when I try to type in a letter, I just hear a bonking sound. There is no focus on the keyboard. I even double touch the text section of the message to enter in data, however, I cannot enter any infomation. I can use the touch typing method on other applications, however, I cannot reply back to an incoming text message from my Iphone 5. This problem occurred after I upgraded to the latest IOS version a few weeks ago. I cannot even use the dictate feature because there is no focus on the keyboard section whenever I recieve a text message from someone. Should I make some changes in the setting section of my Iphone 5? Does anyone else have this issue with trying to reply back to an incoming text message? All of my other features work fine and the text message is my only concern. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Is this a bug in the latest IOS release? I would appreciate any responses back to assist me with replying back to a text message by using the touch typing method on my Iphone 5.



Submitted by Mark SARCH on Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hi i hope the follow tips works for you. Sounds who you has opened some picture message or wherever action that contains media from incoming message then after it want to reply using text message, Using iether iOS devices, and you right this bug happens on iOS 6 or later. You don't need to change any settings or something like that. You can keep using touch typing Just follow the tips below #1 Always after open picture message you will have bugs to type or insert attachments sach the keyboard doesn't show up when you want type, or double tap doesn't work to select actions and ovously it isn't able to reply the text. #1.a Using app switcher close messages app Sometimes just closing this app helps to fix the issue. #1. b If it necessary Close all the apps using app switcher #1. c And lasly Using app switcher close all apps that are running them turn off the device Hope this helps