Problem retrieving voice memos

iOS & iPadOS
I usually use a Victor Reader to record sermons at our church and then convert them to Podcasts. Yesterday I forgot to bring it along, so I tried using the stock Voice Memo app. It seems to have created a usable recording, but I can't seem to get it onto my computer.. I have the "Include Voice Memos" option checked in iTunes, and there is a Voice Memos playlist now, but none of the files from my phone ever make it there. I've tried the sync more than once both directly and over wi-fi. I'm running the latest iTunes on a Windows 7 machine. I found one suggestion to check Consolidate files in the Organize Library dialog, but I don't want duplicate copies of 40gb of music. The file is too big to send via email or message. any suggestions for other ways to get at this file? If you normally make large recordings from your iDevice, what app do you prefer?



Submitted by Larry Thacker Jr. on Monday, May 6, 2013

I found a couple of 3rd party apps and the demo of iExplore did the job.  Accessibility wasn't perfect but it's worth a look if you like the idea of complete access to your device.  It couldn't seem to load the Recordings folder from the iPhone but I was able to get the file from the iTunes backup.  I then opened the file in iTunes and created an MP3 version.

I found another one called Syncios which is free but I did not try it.

I would still be interested in your best solutions for live recording.  That was way too much trouble and though I made something listenable out of it with the help of GoldWave I'm sure there is a better way.

Submitted by Larry Thacker Jr. on Monday, May 6, 2013

Thanks, Isaac. I do have that but have only played with it a little and didn't think of using it that way.

Larry, I had similar problem with transferring voice memos to computer. In case you do not see voice memos although the option is checked, try and restart your computer, but keep your iphone plugged in. After restarting, launch Itunes and look if voice memos are there. It might sound as non-sense, but this is what used to help me. Hope that helps.