Problem Purchasing Apple Care Plus Using iOS 7.03

iOS & iPadOS
I called Apple to purchase Apple Care Plus for my new iPhone 5S. To complete the process, the Apple rep sent me a text message containing a link to perform a diagnostic test on my iPhone. The address for the link began with diag// instead of http//. I was unable to activate the link using VoiceOver and iOS 7.03. As a work around, Apple sent me a link to perform the diagnostic test by email instead of text message. I was able to complete the diagnostic test from the email. If you plan to purchase Apple Care Plus or need to perform a diagnostic test during a trouble shooting session with Apple, suggest that they send you the link via email rather than by text message. The apple rep was able to duplicate my problem. He will esculate the problem. Essentially, VoiceOver identified the diag// address as a link, but did not open the link when I double tapped on the link.



Submitted by Mark SARCH on Wednesday, November 6, 2013

hi this is not a bug or nothing to do about it may you don't know how to open links via text message well on iOS7 or newer as you know has a new interface but it's still accessible using voiceOver well I will give to some description how figuer it out. whenever receive a mms or text message who content a link so play the voiceover focus on the link or to be understanding on the line who content the link then using the voiceOver rotor feature ^^^ insert 2 fingers on the screen and start rotate ^^^ select links on the voiceOver rotor folowing for the gesture flick down to select and double tap to open the link after make action the rotor voiceOver will anounce to you use the rotor to acces links. I hope this helps.