Problem with Messages App after installing iOS 14.5

iOS and iPadOS

After installing iOS 14.5 in my iPhone 11, and now I can hardly use that app. I can't get to the first row of conversatios, and instead I get something that appears to be an unlabeled button. If I flick around the screen I will get some other unlabeled buttons that VO wil read as "Button". Also, sometimes if I get into a conversation, VO only read the messages, but not the time and date stamp, or the author. It seems that the problem is only with VO, since my son checked the screen and told me that everything looks fine. Another example of the problem is in the search field on the top of the screen. If I go to that field, VO will only say "Button", and when I flick to the right to get in the search button, VO reads it as "Q Search".

Honestly, I have no idea of what is happening, and I was hoping that somebody else reports it here, so that I could know that I'm not alone, but after 48 hours I'm getting worried. Have anyone else noticed this issue after updating? Message is not an app that I could delete and install again.,



Submitted by Shawn T on Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Sometimes screen recognition can make an app that was accessible act strangely. Unless an app is having accessibility issues, this should be turned off using the rotor.

I don't remember turning screen recognition on for Messages, but that was the issue. It was so strange that I was forced to answer to iMessages on my Mac. Thank you very much.